Documentary. Director, DP, Editor. 2020

From producer Richard Linklater, KIND OF BLUE weaves the stories of a diverse group of Texans — ranchers, politicians, law enforcement officers, activists, healthcare workers, lawyers, journalists, business leaders, teachers, artists, and many more — juxtaposing their personal stories with cinematic vignettes of their communities. These are people who defy the stereotypes of what it means to be Texan, who oppose policies of the Trump Administration. These are people defending human rights, defying land seizures for a wall, protecting the environment, and campaigning for social justice.



Experimental. Co-Director, Editor. 2017

The Bomb is about the immense power of nuclear weapons, their dark allure and ingenious technology, the computer systems invented to control them, the missiles and bombers built to carry them, the practice of denial and secrecy that perpetuates them, the societal and cultural influence of them, and the profound death wish at the very heart of them. The Bomb premiered at Tribeca and also played Berlinale SpecialGlastonbury Festival, and was featured at the 2017 Nobel Peace Awards ceremony. Co-directed with Smriti Keshari and Eric Schlosser (Fast Food Nation).



Documentary. Director, DP, Editor. 2015

From producer Adrien Brody, By The River is an experimental documentary following Ellar Coltrane (Boyhood) as he travels cross-country on a train gathering sounds and recording conversations about life, creativity, and personal growth with people he meets along the way. The movie premiered at the Sidewalk Film Festival and was also featured at the Austin Film Society.



Documentary. Co-Director, DP, Editor. 2014

In 2007 Academy Award winning actor Adrien Brody (The Pianist) fell in love with a partially burned stone barn, reminiscent of an old European castle, hidden in the woods of upstate New York. Looking to fulfill a life-long dream he embarked on a restoration of the property spanning seven years. Filmmaker Kevin Ford and Brody created a personal and cinematic record of the journey. Stone Barn Castle is a portrayal of the pursuit of dreams and the distance one must travel to achieve them. The film premiered at South by Southwest.



Feature. Director, DP, Editor. 2012

A cult rocker named Legs, played by Eddie Steeples (My Name Is Earl, The Guestbook) faces unexpected peril when a sudden betrayal leaves him broke and pursued by shadowy forces. With the help of his faithful assistant Jen, played by Angela Bettis (May), Legs escapes the public eye and tries to devise a survival strategy. But before he can gather his wits, a long-buried love from his past resurfaces and Legs must fight to retain sanity and self-control. The movie premiered at the Cinesander Film Series in Brazil.



Experimental. Director, DP, Editor. 2018

Sounds of Paris (A Conversation With Elie) is an experimental short documentary which playfully threads a wide-ranging conversation with a young man at a cafe (Elie Olivennes) into a colorful tapestry of moments and imagery captured around the city of Paris, France.



Feature. Director, DP, Editor. 2017

A struggling writer played by Ellar Coltrane (Boyhood) meets an aspiring fashion student (Rasha Mosa) the day before he leaves Los Angeles to start a new life in New York. The two form an immediate connection and spend the day exploring downtown Los Angeles together, while wrestling with many of their deepest issues about trust, intimacy, and their place in the world. 



Kevin's career started in the late 90's shooting Rock bands such as Jane’s AddictionBush311, and Stone Temple Pilots. He co-directed with Carter B. Smith the Jane’s Addiction feature film Three Days which also starred Cinque Lee (Mystery Train) and premiered at Slamdance in 1999. While living in the Lower East Side of NYC Kevin was a regular at the Anthology Film Archives and he made countless experimental films and videos. He also worked closely with producer Marc Smerling (The Jinx) on a wide range of music videos and concert films for SonyMTV, and Capitol Records. In 1999 Kevin was a DP on the political documentary The Party’s Over starring Philip Seymour Hoffman (Capote). 

By 2005 he had moved to Austin, Texas and began working on a variety of projects for filmmaker Richard Linklater (Dazed and Confused). Kevin directed a documentary about the making of Linklater’s Fast Food Nation for Fox Searchlight, as well as shooting on his ESPN documentary Inning By Inning and the pilot for his Hulu series Up To Speed. Under the banner of his own company Mo-Freek, Kevin also directed several indie features with actors such as Eddie SteeplesAngela Bettis, and Cinque Lee.

In 2007 Kevin began collaborating with actor Adrien Brody (The Pianist) on a variety of projects, shooting for his long-form Chrysler commercial Arrive in Style as well as co-directing a feature documentary, Stone Barn Castle, which premiered at South by Southwest in 2015. Kevin co-directed and edited The Bomb with best-selling author Eric Schlosser (Fast Food Nation) and Smriti Keshari, and the film toured the world playing TribecaBerlinaleGlastonburySydney, as well as being featured at the 2017 Nobel Peace Awards. Kevin co-produced, edited, and shot a political documentary, American Chaos, with filmmaker Jim Stern which has been distributed by Sony Pictures Classic. In 2017 Kevin released two experimental features that he directed, Drowned and By The River, starring Ellar Coltrane (Boyhood). 

In 2018 Kevin directed promotional content for the Universal production of The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle starring Robert Downey Jr. In 2018, Kevin began production as director of a feature documentary, Kind of Blue, which is being produced by Richard LinklaterEric Schlosser, and Jim Stern. In 2019 Kevin has also teamed up with filmmaker Chris Smith (Jim & Andy, Fyre) to co-direct a documentary for Team Downey. In addition, Kevin has a scripted feature in development with Rubicon based upon his early years touring with rock n' roll bands.




In 2003 Kevin Ford launched an online radio station with the help of longtime collaborator Jammes Luckett. In 2008 Jonathan DiMarco joined the team and helped the station to grow. Freekradio broadcasts an eclectic mix of music, experimental sounds, and talk 24/7/365 from a studio in Topanga, California, USA.

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